Elevate Your Training and Speaking Skills to New Heights

Become a world-class Transformational Leader

TrainUp Intensive: Design and Deliver

Fundamentals in Interactive Training and Dynamic Speaking

Reach the core of Yourself and bring out the “Heart and Soul” of your Message so people seek you out and advocate for you.

Break through your “BLOCKS” and Overwhelm, and relieve the stress from questioning how to start and whether you have a message that matters.

Rocket Fuel your Impact and elevate your presence as a leader.

Learn a Delivery Method that builds confidence to train small and large groups and speak to theatre-sized audiences.

Gain courage and clarity in the transformation you want to create for yourself, your audience, your business, and what you want to inspire in the world.

Develop your personal brand as a compelling and credible fact. 

Refine your authentic offer so that people voluntarily enroll and

consistently recommend you for other consulting, training, and speaking engagements.

Get a proven and repeatable Model for designing successful speeches and scintillating trainings that give you credibility and a reputation as a respected authority in your field.

Inspire people to aspire and dare to live compelling visions with committed and innovative actions to get results.

Blueprint your Profession and become globally relevant with the ability to train and speak worldwide to any audience.

Build a business based on your message using our structure for creating a full menu of speaking and training products to stage, promote, launch, and sustain the business.

You may even be thinking:

“Is all of this for real?” Absolutely! Starting with the four-day TrainUp Intensive where you practice and complete the foundations of provocative training and speaking. This core platform becomes the “DNA” of your body of work. It seeds a long-term profession which you will cultivate through the rest of the 6-month TrainUp FORUM.

Leadership Starts from Within…

Our purpose is to inspire people to live their biggest dreams

The possibility of leadership lies in the soul of your message. Compelling training and speaking are doorways for empowerment but they hang on the hinge of leadership. 

Tapping the heart and soul of your being is the foundation of true leadership and it is what gives spirit to your presentations. Revealing your core values matched with aligned competencies and an impeccable delivery system is the hallmark of a great professional. 

The process involves liberating ourselves from conditioned behavior and beliefs, overcoming fear of not being enough, crafting your inspired message, staging the first steps, and taking the plunge. Founded in a tradition of inquiry, discovery, practice, and coaching, we create accelerated learning environments where people are honored and empowered to freely express their passion and talents. This mix is the rocket-fuel for launching a successful career in leadership, training, and speaking. We champion you so you can inspire others to fulfill their futures and enrich the world.

Develop Your Inner Trainer

  • Do you want to live the desire in your heart to lift people up, fulfill their future, and enrich our world? 

  • Do you want to be an accomplished trainer or speaker in a thriving business doing what you love?

The TrainUP programs exist for exactly those reasons. Participants can go from edge-to-edge, from mess-to-maestro in record time with the core competencies in the TrainUP programs. Candidates accelerate to prominence at their own pace.

Qualifications – The candidates in TrainUp programs are varied based on the audiences they choose to engage, such as visionaries, entrepreneurs, executives and managers, educators, business owners and non-profit leaders, coaches and consultants, and high-tech innovators. 

We welcome candidates who are willing to risk, who are open to learning, and most importantly, who have a desire to serve audiences in the most effective, sustainable way possible.

The Art of Training and Speech Design

You will explore your yearnings and get clear about your core message and develop critical competencies in designing first-class workshops and speeches. Learn how to take any subject matter and make it dynamic, learnable, and fun. You will be able to turn it into a sustainable program.

The Art of Training and Speech Delivery

You get to practice and implement the proven content provided in a step-by-step process and get tutored on your performance.

Group Enrollment / Relationship Building

You learn and embody vital enrollment principles to spread your message. The human factors of genuineness, empathy, and respect are hallmarks of this skill. Also, using the art of storytelling to create engagement, relationship, and partnership is the key. You get to turn your story into a stairway.

Effective Communication

You learn and practice the masterful communication tools. Use techniques in generous listening to develop rapport, sensitivity, and agility so that you meet your audience where they are and elevate your ability to connect with a wide range of people.

Authentic Marketing

You learn to soft sell from the stage and get more clients without being cheesy and appearing like a used-car salesperson. Learn strategies of seeding, price positioning, and the effective use of testimonials. Practice the art of energy management, engagement, and effective calls to action.

Test Pilot/Launch Your Own Original Work

We mentor you through the process of creating an original workshop from scratch. You will test-drive it with your peers, get feedback so you can refine it, get testimonials for your profile, and get set for launch.

TrainUp Forum: Practicing Mastery

Certification: Leader in Transformational Training and Speaking

The TrainUP Forum program is a pioneer in the art of transformation. We discover, groom,and empower next-generation trainers, speakers, and leaders.

We are a developing community of highly intentional trainer candidates, seasoned trainers, and professionals who are committed to using the principles and practices of oratory and accelerated learning to transform lives, communities, and organizations to enrich our world.

TrainUP Forum starts with the 4-day Intensive course. It is an interactive game-changer with beginners to emerging experts.You will learn powerful principles of personal and professional effectiveness and embody the competencies that notable trainers, workshop facilitators, and speakers use to impact their audiences and cause accelerated achievement.

The TrainUp Forum is a six-month deep-dive practicum where you collaborate with like-minded peers who are serious and intentional about going to an advanced level of training and speaking, polishing their delivery of the key transformational distinctions and lectures, and how to coach participants to meaningful breakthroughs and committed action.

Through scores of distinction-making dialogues and practice sessions, with lessons in mastery, theory and history, participants experience the amazing powers of the human potential to transform. You will also thrive profoundly as you work directly with Dr. Blanchard, selective Master Trainers and Associate Faculty, and Graduate Assistants who generously offer their expertise to coach you through this career-shaping opportunity.

Some of our Forum participants are committed to train for a transformational training company; others are committed to developing their own transformational-based training and/or body of work within their existing professional domains. Our work is integrated with your unique passions and enhanced by your unique voice and talent — all of which gets nurtured and cultivated throughout the program.

Training Above and Beyond

As a Forum member, there will also be opportunity within the Forum for study to evolve to match the participants’ collective and individual interests. You will write a short research paper intended to contribute to other professionals in your field and to serve as a catalyst for you to create or expand your professional platform in the world. 

In addition, you will videotape yourself working with live audiences in between the three TrainUP Forum in-person sessions. You will receive significant feedback, based on ten qualities of master transformation practitioners, and an Advocate to ACT (advise, coach, teach) on your behalf to support you and help you navigate your ongoing development. There will be monthly Mastermind sessions with the whole Forum group and Master trainers to calibrate and assess the group development and course corrections for the ultimate completion of everyone in the program.

In sum, the Forum provides you with the opportunity to greatly expand your ability to work with people at the essential level of being, while also learning the competencies needed to facilitate transformation in the communities and organizations that matter most to you.

Furthering Your Development in the Forum

The TrainUP FORUM program means and methods are designed to produce reputable and highly qualified professionals who are in demand and handsomely paid for their excellence and the valuable content they deliver.

Invest in Yourself

Gain the knowledge that will transform your life and profession into living wisdom; and wisdom will take you to the next level of mastery. You get to learn from masters who have done what you aspire to achieve.

The Art of Training Design and Delivery II

How to take any subject matter and make it shine! Learn how to make content more learnable, fun, and turn it into a dynamic and sustainable program, step by step. Cover contracts, branding, marketing, legal matters, insurance, releases, masterminds, etc.

Access the “Language of Being”

Discern and learn the elements of the “language of being” which is profoundly superior to the “language of doing”. This being-language is the heart of power and the soul of transformation itself.

Accelerated Learning Technology

Learn and practice the 6 steps, modeled and replicated by experts, connecting the dots for accelerated learning. Also, activate a proven memory technique so your content is easily available and ready to hand.

Being a Powerful Presence

The first impression can seal the deal! You get to learn the secret of having a powerful and magnetic presence that endears people to you quickly and maintains authentic engagement. This practice will alter your life and your staying power as a professional.

Distinctions and Practices

Discern the background conversations behind each philosophical distinction and how they are interconnected in a network that causes transformation. You get to practice delivering them and get coaching for improvement. ‘Anything worth doing masterfully is worth doing messy until you get it.’

“Crucial Conversations” for Action

Fire up your life and your business. Learn the characteristics of “Crucial Conversations for Action”, a synthesis of the knowledge of speech acts and human communication. This rigorous technology significantly reduces misunderstandings and gets results.

Masterfully Read the Audience

Learn advanced techniques for “reading your audience” and generating engagement. Make enrollment quicker,easier, and more effective. Practice different aspects of relating to use in your life and business while assisting people to have what they want.

Increased Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Learn what makes people feel heard, seen, and acknowledged in order to lower resistance and increase connection with self and interpersonal relationships. Learn the key presuppositions for effective relating, communicating, and facilitating.

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Dr. Ray Blanchard and I have known each other and worked together for more than 40 years. I am, therefore, qualified to state that he is truly a Master trainer, course designer, and speaker. He combines an extensive academic background with real life experience to offer students unique, fresh and exciting perspectives about experiencing purpose and joy in their lives. He is passionate, funny, insightful and wise. I highly recommend any course he designs and/or facilitates.

Jack Zwissig, CEO Zwissig and Associates

Author – “The Tao (Path) of High Performance Leadership

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Ray Blanchard has impacted my life. Period. I came to him to learn to be a transformational trainer. That came true and I

have been able to travel the world sharing working with folks in many ways. But, becoming a trainer became the least important part of our work. He helped to shape me into a man that can be the husband, father, brother, and friend

that I am. I am eternally grateful for Ray Blanchard and the gift he is to the world.

Ryan Soave, Trainer, Coach, Counselor and Consultant

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Ray Blanchard was an extraordinary mentor in my development as a trainer. He was masterful in seeing and nurturing my strengths as well as spotting the areas where I needed lots of support and growth. He challenged me when I needed to be challenged and never hesitated to rigorously hold the line. He taught me to stay grounded in service, and how to keep my heart open. He also showed me the importance of remaining centered even when students were reactive during their own process. Ray is a true master who lets the training be created through the space he provides. He showed how to be spacious, and in that, how to embrace my ego while not letting my ego run the show. He modeled passion, service, commitment and compassion in a way that transformed me and how I saw myself as a trainer. He championed and encouraged me whenever I felt like giving up as I was losing faith in myself, seeing the enormity of the task. He was tough and gentle at the same time,holding the space for the possibility that “I would be a spectacular trainer”. He would say that time and time again. I am very grateful for his mentorship and love. Thanks to his commitment to me as a trainer I have now been able to be in service to tens of thousands of people around the world.

Gabriel Nossovitch, Co-Founder of ArgentinaWorks in Buenos Aires, ChileWorks in Santiago, MexWorks and Worldworks Mexico in Mexico City and Worldworks, Inc. in the USA.

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Dr. Ray Blanchard is an artful and meaningful mentor whose TrainUPForum is ‘spot on’ and directs the participants along the pathways of achieving the core competencies required to deliver professional and effective trainings.  Dr. Ray Blanchard was one of my most ‘inspirational’ mentors and his style of delivery and the depth of his knowledge made it possible for the learning to sink in deeply and stay put. The TrainUP Forum is more than a class or workshop; it is a pathway to greatness, with ‘pearls’ of wisdom and understanding that I have been able to apply in every aspect of my life, both professionally and personally.  While presenting trainings and workshops or consulting and coaching, these lessons have stayed with me and enabled me to reach levels of success that surpassed my imagination while I was a ‘trainer in training’.  There are many journeys in life one can choose, make certain the TrainUP Forum is a journey you undertake with great enthusiasm and commitment, and get ready for the benefits; they are many and highly valuable.

Randy Hunt, CEO, International Coaching, Consulting and Training Group – USA,

Founder and Chairman, Next Step Asia, Ltd.- Hong Kong

Check Out What People Are Saying…

For close to 20 years, I have known “Dr. Ray” as mentor, friend, colleague, and business partner.  Being with him in all of these dimensions has allowed me to experience palpably the love that powers his work, as well as  witness the global scale of his impact for generations. He truly cares that trainers be their best, and bring the best of themselves to those they serve. He practices and teaches rigor in the art and skill of training, recognizing that this translates to honoring each participant. He is always learning and always sharing generously, allowing us all to stay and be relevant. These commitments, along with his incomparable depth and breadth of wisdom in the wide field of transformational training, makes working with him a rare and privileged treasure. My life and impact has expanded exponentially through his presence in it.

Dawnelle Hyland, Trainer and Educator, Creator: Trailblazer Academy: Sustainable Transformation by Design

Founding Executive, Transformational Learning Consortium, LLC.

Check Out What People Are Saying…

I believe the statement, “I feel honored and privileged” is over used in our industry. Having said that, I have known Dr.

Ray Blanchard personally for approximately 15 years and known of him for more than 25 years. I have worked with Ray in the same training room in several occasions. I truly felt HONORED AND PRIVILEGED to be co-training with Ray. His work ethic combined with his knowledge and creativity is an awesome gift that he has shared with thousands of participants. Even above all that an authentic caring and commitment to “make a difference” with the people he interacts with is abundantly clear, which I have found to be a rare asset among many trainers and consultants. Ray and very few other Trainers/Coaches/Consultants remind me of the lyrics of a song from Harry Chapin – “when you sing from the inside, you hope that something shows”. Ray sings from the inside! Dr. Blanchard and I have shared some extensive conversations and based on our conversation, it is clear that Ray is now committed to sharing his knowledge with others. He ha s worked extensively to create a path for others that are interested in continuing to “make a difference”. I highly recommend Dr. Blanchard as a Trainer/Coach/Consultant to learn from.

Carlos Fernandez, Owner CRF Industries

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Working with Dr. Ray Blanchard has been one of the defining events for my life and career as a trainer, leader and teacher. He has a style that taps into the best in people and he brings a vast background of knowledge and experience. I trained with him intensely for roughly three years, and after facilitating many trainings myself, I can say I draw on those times quite often. I am grateful to have experienced the gift that he has been for me and for so many.

Christopher DeSanti, Trainer and Educator

Author – “Urban Mystic”, Ancient Wisdom from a Modern Day Seeker

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Dr. Ray Blanchard is one of the world’s best Transformational Leadership Developers and Trainer of Trainers that I have worked with. Whether it is Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Breakthrough Performance, or Management Consulting, I count on Dr. Ray’s intellectual brilliance, excellence, track record of successes, and importantly for me, his caring, joy, and exceptional core values. He invented many of the Global Transformation Theories and Practices that are mainstream today.

Dr. Joel P. Martin, President, Triad West, Inc. and Positively Powerful

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Dr. Ray is one of the most compassionate, perceptive trainers I know. He empowers each of us to be the very best

expression of who we are by embracing and celebrating our highest selves. His training is subtle, elegant and fun. Definitely learn Training and Speaking with him and his superb team!

Dr. Cherie Clark

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Dr. Ray Blanchard is widely recognized as one of the world’s preeminent transformational trainers and leaders. His depth of knowledge in the field of training trainers provides a rewarding and distinct experience that is rich, meaningful, and profound.

Bettie Spruill, Executive Coach, Consultant and Entrepreneur

Check Out What People Are Saying…

Ray Blanchard is devoted mastery in action! He not only brilliantly develops and strategically delivers the highest caliber transformational trainings, but he wholeheartedly embodies and lives the work as well. I can unequivocally say he has been my greatest mentor. I trust, respect and honor him impeccably. He never sells out on people, and prodigiously and consistently chooses the high road in full integrity. He’s like a lighthouse standing steadfast and true for all who seek deep wisdom, pure contribution, and right livelihood. The distinctions, tools and skill sets I’ve learned from him are always carried with me and utilized daily, both in my personal life and my professional business consulting and training practice. My life and my career have been forever improved by this incredible man and his epic work. Mr. Blanchard is the real deal; totally unforgettable! I am eternally grateful for who he chooses to be in this world. I humbly and honorably carry on his Legacy. With amenable reverence, I highly recommend Ray! 💗

Sandi L. King, CEO, Consulting King Services, LLC.

Check Out What People Are Saying…

I was comercial piloto at Mexicana Airlines when I decided to become a coach with Dr. Ray Blanchard, It was Spectacular! If you are thinking in being profesional, this is the right place or, I should say, the best place to become a professional trainer.

Ray is a legend and my brother, If you want to be the best, then join the best. 

Love and gratitude,

Pablo Moreno , Coach and Business Trainer

Check Out What People Are Saying…

I am a psychologist and when I took the profesional Trainner program, I was inspired by Dr. Ray Blanchard because he is a great human being and teaches by example.

If you decide to become a Trainer, Ray is your best option.

Thank you Ray… I love you.

Alejandro Castro, Coach and Business Trainer

Our Upcoming Course

The TrainUP and TrainUP Forum program is a one-of-a-kind intensive study and practicum with the opportunity to learn privileged trade secrets of the personal development and transformation industry with elite candidates and a community of peers. We look forward to partnering with you to cause significant impact as a professional trainer, speaker, and leader.


By popular demand, we are holding one more Intensive before the Forum weekend begins.

This powerful training is compressed to 2.5 days from the 4 days so come ready to rock & roll!

Course Logistics and Pricing









New Student pricing options:

All NEW students must enroll in TrainUp Intensive to begin their training journey.

Further, you can receive a discounted rate by enrolling in TrainUp Journey (which includes Intensive AND Forum) for one single purchase.

TrainUp Intensive


*This is the starting course. Please know that this pricing is guaranteed for this training only.

TrainUp Journey


*This is the complete package. Please know that this pricing is guaranteed for this training only.

If you would like to arrange for a discovery call to determine a precise fit for you or to make a deposit to hold your seat, please contact Liliana Barr at or schedule a discovery call with her by clicking HERE.

Our Purpose

We are committed to you having a high-impact career with the highest level of knowledge, wisdom and skill with sustained success and longevity. Our Master trainers know because they have been there and done that! You get to forum with them and find out what they did to excel and what they do to stay that way. You do not have to re-create the wheel; simply find a system that works and model the Masters you know and respect. Then build on it with your uniqueness to make it your own. 

TrainUp Forum operates from the 4 P’s of Professionalism – Purpose, Principles, Practices, and Persistence. In-depth dialogues, demos, and rehearsals are the ways we train our brains and work great training and speaking habits into your bones until they are embodied. We believe the old adage, that you become the culture you frequent. Train Up Forum is a culture worth making your own. 

Our Purpose is to produce stellar trainers and speakers! We are a source of information, education, and wisdom in the quest for excellence in opening possibilities for people to experience true joy, aliveness, and to manifest their dreams. In your endeavor to empower people and build a thriving business, we champion you and coach you to:

Explore – your heartfelt passion, purpose, and commitment

Discover – your core message, niche, and avatar/audience

Navigate – your life path with a proven Blueprint and plan to achieve it 

Our Principles guide our overall life, the way we are in the world, our intentions and the legacy we will leave. We endeavor to: 

Champion – aspiring leaders and trainers who are talented and committed to humanity and enhancing our global future.

Discern – the highest levels of consciousness for the work of transformation and how to share it with all people.

Honor – the creed of one-world-one-people and the leaders who are dedicated to manifesting that in communities, companies, and the world.

Serve – our trainer community and their families to create abundance and enhance their own quality of life.

Live – heroically by the transformation distinctions that evoke Divine providence and grant us the ability to author our lives.

Pioneer – new models for developing trainers and evolving new transformational content for our trainers. 

Our Practice is to embody transformation by walking the talk! We do that through dialogue, experience, sharing, and living what we preach and teach to the best of our ability in real time.

We Persist in our challenge for your excellence and to be your best by practicing proven traditions and exhibiting grit. We watch your competencies transform as you enjoy sustained success.

We Stand For You to Make a Difference, Be Abundant, and Live an Amazing Life! 

Member of the Transformational Leadership Council

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